What is the School Council?

The school council is a collection of innovative students who have been elected by their peers to act as the representatives of the student voice. We aim to raise awareness of student suggestions in all areas of the school including curriculum, school food and extra-curricular activities. Student voice is an integral part of the school community, as it brings students and staff together working as one entity.


We aim to make a difference to school life that will benefit both the school and students.

Who are the School Councillors?

Every year we run elections to nominate two new representatives from each year group.  These students oversee suggestions passed by the school council by organising events, presenting to the Senior Leadership Team and feeding back to students. The 2019/20 Student council representatives are:

Joe - Year 13

Erin - Year 13 

James – Year 11

Lily – Year 11

Jas - Year 10

Natalia - Year 10

Nulam - Year 9

Taniya - Year 9

Mikolai - Year 8

Kayla - Year 8

James - Year 7

Katelin - Year 7