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Pastoral Managers


From left to right:

Farah Kiran, Louise Murphy, Sheila Mold

At St Gregory's we have an experienced team of Pastoral Managers who make themselves available to all students who may require help with those problems outside of the academic arena.  Our team will focus on the safeguarding and wellbeing of all students; however, they are also assigned groups of key students that they work with on a regular basis.  They often work with a particular family and they have enhanced training in a number of issues, such as safeguarding, conflict resolution and mediation.

Working Together

Pastoral Managers work closely with Form Tutors and will sometimes pick up and deal with issues across form groups to which the Tutors refer them, in particular concerning friendship issues or anything that may involve bullying.  During break and lunchtimes, a Pastoral Manager can always be found in Gregory’s. Students can self-refer or be referred to by staff for the resolution of friendship issues and conflicts.  Students who have friendship issues should make sure that they go to Gregory’s at break or lunchtime rather than seeking out their Pastoral Manager at other times during the school day.  They work particularly closely with the Heads of Year and will ensure that they are informed about matters that affect the wellbeing and safety of students as soon as possible after they occur.

Working with Parents and Carers

As non-teaching members of staff, Pastoral Managers have the capacity to attend external meetings about children during the school day and will liaise with external providers where necessary and in consultation with the Assistant Principal responsible for safeguarding or the SENCo.  Each Pastoral Manager has an office to allow for private meetings with students and parents and they may invite parents in for consultations if they feel it is necessary to support a child. 

Continuity in School

Pastoral Managers stay with their assigned key children as they move up through the school, to help to provide continuity of experience for students. If parents need to contact pastoral managers, they should be contacted in the first instance through the child's Form Tutor (via the main School Reception) so as to ensure that lines of communication are kept clear and to guarantee that the Form Tutor is aware of any concern raised about a child in their form.