Catch Up Premium

Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Support

Students are identified who need extra support from the Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch Up Premium.  This is an additional grant for each Year 7 student who did not achieve the expected level in reading and/or mathematics at Key Stage 2 (KS2).  The school then plans the best way to use the funding.  The school will plan provision that suits the needs of their Year 7 cohort and that fits in with strategies already used by the school to help under-performing students.  The aim of this funding is to support Year 7 students in ‘catching up’ with their peers.

In the year 17-18 we received £18,173.

This was spent on extra staffing in maths and English and £1500 was spent on Cats materials and £7000 on Doddle for that year which is a skills based assessment programme. It was hard to measure this as it was not a very targeted so it was difficult to measure the impact.

In 2018 -19 our funding is £10,961 

We are using a much more targeted approach. We discovered a real issue of literacy and so the funding is targeted particularly at that. We have paid £2525 ex vat for Accelerated Reader. This is a scheme which we are implementing in year 7 providing us with excellent information about reading ability against age related expectations. We have also employed a literacy HLTA to conduct reading tests and used Pixl Microwave for accurate baseline testing which we have accounted for £300 of our Pixl subscription this academic year. We have already bought £500 of books and reading rewards to aid implementation of the catch up aspect of our literacy strategy. We have used data managers’ time to put all of the data we now hold on sims so that it can be accurately be used to target interventions accounting for £1,000 and we paid for an external data person to input data. We are used Microwave and Pearson data to identify students in year 7. We have used NGRT testing for all of year 7 Cohort 2019-20. We have also conducted a literacy review at a cost of £1,000 and £500 for photocopying in maths. We have also paid £1300 for Direct Instruction materials. We have also bought £500 of books suitable for EAL students. The remainder of the money accounts for a proportion Head of Literacy’s time and a proportion of the time of one HLTA for Literacy. The impact of this year is a really accurate picture of the literacy needs of our students. The accelerated reader scheme has already shown increases up to five years in one case and the volume of books borrowed and bought particularly in the catch up group of below age related expectations. Remaining funds have paid towards teaching assistants for interventions

In 2019-20

We will be following guidance to source help for the students in current year 7 to have catch up tutoring in phonics. We want to explore Kumon Maths as a way for those below age related expectations to catch up. Building on the success of the intervention accelerated reader we want to explore measurable interventions to help students catch up. Working with our primary colleagues we will learn from them what the most successful interventions will be and particularly identify interventions for numeracy across the curriculum in addition to funding the maths led tutor interventions. We will also plug gaps of those with no prior data by a member of primary staff testing those above B identified by reading ages. We will employ interventions from Literacy and numeracy catch up strategies, Department for Education September 2018.  Remaining funds will go towards teaching assistants for one to one and group interventions.